How long do the dogs play outside?

The amount of time your dog spends outside is entirely flexible and up to you. Although dogs have full use of the outdoor section of their run we also offer a number of options for increasing your dogs outdoor time and exercise. We offer personal walks in our large fenced yards in addition to a variety of play group options where your dog can interact with other social dogs. Play group options include a one hour play period, a half day play period (2-3 hours) and full day plays where your dog is outside in the morning for 2-3 hours, comes inside for a rest and goes back out in the afternoon for another 2-3 hours.

What are the advantages of your indoor/outdoor runs compared to completely crate free facilities?

Having an individual area provides your dog with their own private den to rest, relax and eat. This prevents the possibility of fighting during feeding time and ensures your dog can enjoy their meal without having to worry about other dogs stealing it. This also allows your dog to bring their own bed, blankets and toys; making their stay more comfortable and familiar while protecting them from other dogs that could bully them for their possessions. When your dog is tired and wants to sleep they can do so without being pestered or interrupted by other dogs trying to engage them. Finally, having a private indoor/outdoor run is much safer for your dog than letting them roam around during the night with other dogs and limited supervision.

What should I bring for my pet while they are boarding?

First and foremost, please bring an emergency contact number in addition to your pets vaccination records. We provide beds and blankets for your pet while in our care.

Is the facility heated and cooled?

Our boarding facility is completely climate controlled (heating and air-conditioning). Although we cannot control the outdoor areas we monitor the weather closely to ensure the conditions are safe for your dog to be outside.

What safety features do you have in place to protect my dog?

To ensure the safety of your pet we have ADT security monitoring for theft, fire and carbon monoxide. We have a generator to ensure our facility has air conditinioning and heat in case of a power outage. Our fences and runs are constantly checked for points of escape. Our premises are monitored by video survellance.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Your dog will need a DHPP vaccination, which is a combination of four vaccines given to puppies that protects against dystemper, hepatitis, parvo virus and parainfluenza virus. Your dog will also need a Rabies vaccination and a Bordetella vaccination.

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