Board and Train Program

Like most pet parents, it is often difficult to find the time to keep up with your dog's training. The old adage, "practice makes perfect" was never so true when applied to our pet's basic obedience skills. With little to no practice your dog's reliability and response to important cues such as, "Come," "Stay" and "Leave It" start to diminish causing more stress and upset in our already hectic and busy lives.

Canine SOS Inc. is very excited to provide a service that will help fill that gap. If you don't have time to practice with your dog we will do the work for you. What can we do to help?

Spend time practicing basic obedience cues with your dog – cues your dog already knows but needs to strengthen and make more reliable.

Build on the knowledge your dog already knows by introducing them to a more challenging version of the cues; adding the three D's – Distance, Duration and Distractions.

Teach you - the owner, how to maintain the reliability of the cues learned to achieve a happy, well mannered pet.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and includes a private 30 minute session with the trainer, at the end of your training package, to go over your dog's progress. You will also receive an information package with handouts outlining everything your dog has learned. All owners must purchase a minimum of six training sessions, keeping in mind, the more sessions you purchase the better the results. Also, the closer the sessions are booked together the more effective the training sessions will be. A minimum of two sessions must be booked within one week.

Training is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday). Please call our office at (905) 655-4721 for more information or to book a training session.

Options to choose from:
6 Sessions + a 30 minute private session with the trainer
(You may choose up to a maximum of eight cues from the list below)

8 Sessions + a 30 minute private session with the trainer
(You may choose up to a maximum of 10 cues from the list below)

10 Sessions + a 30 minute private session with the trainer
(You may choose up to a maximum of 12 cues from the list below)

12 Sessions + a 30 minute private session with the trainer
(You may choose up to a maximum of 14 cues from the list below)


Any additional 30 minute sessions beyond the packages outlined may be purchased on an individual basis for $55.00 per session.

Cues to choose from:

* Orienting Exercise (Name Response)
* Watch Me (Focus)
* Sit
* Leave It
* Gotcha
* Come
* Loose Leash Walking
* Down
* Drop Down from a Distance
* Stay
* Release Cue
* Wait (Boundary Training)
* Stop
* Stand
* Handling Exercises
* Give/Drop It
* Canine Calisthenics (Sit/Down/Stand) learning to distinguish between cues
* Excite and Settle
* Go to Your Mat/Place

Only gentle positive reinforcement training methods will be employed. No methods, tools or techniques that cause pain, fear or intimidation will be used on your dog.

Items you will need to bring for the training sessions:

* Healthy, high value food treats for training. Examples can include real meat cut up into pea sized pieces, hot dogs, cheese, liver treats, freeze dried chicken, or you can opt to purchase training treats from the trainer. The trainer uses Barnies Buddies – a one ingredient treat made of dehydrated meats such as beef heart, beef liver, pork kidney, and beef lung.

* A flat buckle collar, martingale collar, or harness. No pinch (prong), or choke collars permitted.

* Your dog's favourite toy if they are toy or play motivated.

* Your dog's mat or bed, if practicing "Go to Your Mat/Place."

All training with your dog and the private half hour session with the trainer at the end of your training package will be conducted at Brooklin Pet Care.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not doggie boot camp. Your dog will only receive basic/intermediate obedience practice or training. The trainer does not promise or guarantee that your dog will be trained at the end of their training package. Every dog is an individual and learns at their own pace and abilities. The trainer will do her best to make sure you see results but the outcome will depend on the amount of time and number of sessions spent in practicing. Serious behaviour issues such as resource guarding (food, people, places, toys, etc.), extreme fearfulness, aggression (dog or human), housetraining, barking, etc. will not be dealt with. If your dog suffers from any of these issues they will not be eligible for this service. A private behavioural consult is recommended to receive specific help and instruction for these issues.

Serving Durham Region (Ajax, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Pickering, Port Perry and Whitby), Cobourg, the Greater Toronto Area, Peterborough, and Port Hope.

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